The advantages of working with a direct mortgage lender

You have a variety of lending institutions to choose from for your real estate transactions. What is a direct lender, and what are the benefits of working with one?

A direct lender does not only take your mortgage application. It funds the loan upon approval and completes every other part of the loan process in-house.

As a direct lender, Lyons Mortgage guides each customer from the beginning of the loan process through closing. This gets rid of the use of sometimes unnecessary and costly intermediaries. Dealing with one company the entire time makes for easier communication and transparency.

Working with a direct lender can also be a time-saver, cutting down on the transaction time. The time you save can ensure that you don’t miss out on a lower interest rate. The mortgage interest rate market can be volatile and change daily, so time is of the essence!

Short transaction times can also make you the most attractive buyer in a competitive market.

Buyers lose offers to other buyers because they couldn’t close their loan in a fast enough timeframe. Between our unique, technology-driven process and experienced Business Development Managers, Lyons Mortgage can close your transaction in the timeframe necessary to win your bid.

Getting a pre-approval before home shopping will empower you to make a bid when you find the home you love. Most times, the seller will choose you over someone who is not pre-approved. Pre-approvals allow mortgage lenders to close transactions even quicker because of the work done before application.

Lyons’ services its loans and you don’t have to deal with another servicer after closing your loan.

This is not always the case with direct lenders and mortgage brokers. We are proud to add an extra layer of benefits for our customers. No confusion about where to make your monthly payments. No letters in the mail stating your mortgage got sold to another institution. Your information stays confidential and only in the hands of Lyons Mortgage.

Working with a direct lender means fewer fees and competitive interest rates.

Intermediaries in the mortgage loan process get paid for their services. This is a cost thrust onto the consumer. As a direct lender and servicer, we also offer the most competitive rates. It is likely that working with a direct lender will be the cheapest way for you to get a mortgage.

Direct lenders are the most flexible.

Traditional banks are very rigid with their lending standards. They usually don’t offer a variety of mortgage loan products outside of conventional financing. Lyons Mortgage offers conventional products, and non-conventional options as well.

Direct lenders set their own guidelines and have the authority to make exceptions. Coupled with a diverse product line, this makes for a more accommodating experience for consumers.


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