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How to increase traffic to your Real Estate website

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More visits to your website can mean increased sales and buyer leads.

You know that your website is important for connecting with potential buyers and renters and boosting sales. But are you consistent in efforts to drive traffic to your site ? Maybe you send out a monthly e-newsletter or pay for occasional Google advertising and then see a small spike in traffic. Infrequent marketing attempts are not going to drive significant and steady traffic to your real estate website and help build your client relationships.


Here are four tips that will help you increase your real estate website traffic:

Learn about your audience

Collecting data about your city or community will allow you to define your  strategies to reach your audience and better meet its needs. Are there mostly young families moving into the neighborhood? Maybe have a special blog post about great local resources for kids.  Are there a lot of co-ops in your area, maybe feature a blog post explaining the CONDO VS CO OPdifference between a condo and a co-op for first-time buyers such as: Condo vs Co-Op: What is the Difference?

If a certain page receives a lot of views, you may want to write more articles on that topic, or if video pages are popular (which they probably are)  look at how you can create more videos. Which brings me to my second tip…

Use more videos 

Just four years ago, Youtube’s chief business officer predicted that by 2020, 90% of all Internet traffic would be video and 75% of all video would be of the digital variety. And by all accounts, his predictions are spot on. Online video watching is exploding across all digital channels with 3/5 of their viewing was on a mobile device.Lyons on Mobile Phone

Adding video to your website is a key way to keep connected and share your unique brand story with future buyers and sellers. Also, people retain information on average 80% more through video so your efforts will stay with your audience longer.

Did you know 60% of online videos are viewed without sound? If possible add closed captions to your videos for best results.

Incentivize website visitors

Give your clients a reason to visit your website — and keep returning. Some strategies include:

  • Creating shareable, valuable, and engaging content on a regular basis
  • Using a variety of mediums (pictures, videos, text, etc.)
  • Encouraging visitors to connect and share through social media or email

You can also increase your leads by offering something of value in exchange for the visitor’s information. For example, customers might give out their name and contact details if you can offer them a real estate tips email, neighborhood guides or other educational information.  And always remember to make your emails mobile-friendly since 75% of recipients will delete an email if it’s hard to read on a mobile device.

Barbara Corcoran of the Corcoran Group created the “Corcoran Report” early in her company’s history, which cited median home prices in Manhattan. The report was really based on a small sample size of her deals but Barbara Corcoran sent the publication to major press outlets and, within a week, even The New York Times had cited the report and it has gone on to be an industry staple.  And now the Corcoran Group features a blog called “Inhabit” which has local stories on design and how to create the home of your dreams.

Work with your community & influencers

Finally, you can increase your website traffic substantially if you are able to connect with the right influencers in your community. Spend time gathering information on popular neighborhood bloggers, local organizers and social media influencers. Next, reach out and build a mutually beneficial relationship by connecting on social media, attending neighborhood or business events they frequent, or connecting with them to see if you can  feature them on your blog or social media channels. Cross-promotion grows your and their network.WEBSITE TRAFFIC

Every visitor is a potential renter, buyer or seller, so ultimately your website should be a resource at every stage of the process. Follow these tips, and you can see an increase your website traffic for your real estate business.

Have a social media question or tip to share? Email me:

Monika BialokurMonika Bialokur, Director of Digital Strategy

Director of Digital Strategy

Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc 


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