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Remodeling Your Home on a Budget

When people think of remodeling their homes, they often think of adding a new wing. Of course, this is very costly and requires a lot of time as well. However, small incremental steps can be taken to give your old, outdated home a new vibe.




Hues and You

color pallet for house renovation

Did you know colors affect moods? What color you paint your walls will reflect in the overall feel of your home. Most people tend to stay with the classic eggshell white paint because well, they bought it like that. But a nice touch of Lulworth Blue (an actual color), you are refreshing that room with cool tones. There are hundreds of colors to choose from, and that’s probably the hardest part.


Fixing Fixtures

The things we least expect to change are faucets. But an easy swap and rejuvenate your bathroom(s). Why wash your hands with a sink that’s styled in the early 1950’s when you can swap your faucet with a more futuristic feel. Whatever theme you’re going for, remember to always use it after using the bathroom.



house plants

This is a trend I can get behind: adding more indoor plants to your home. Isn’t it crazy how plants are now stylish? Numerous benefits come from indoor (and outdoor) plants, such as a more purified air indoors as well as a destresser. Taking care of your garden is therapeutic. I recommend an indoor cactus. They’re low maintenance, so if they die, you’re doing something very wrong.


By Md Kamruzzaman


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