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4 Freedoms of Home-Ownership

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You’ve probably heard many reasons to become a homeowner from friends, family and financial advisors. When you own your own home you are building equity rather than throwing away money on rent and are eligible for possible tax write-offs.

However, many people are still concerned about committing to owning their first home. What they might not realize is that home ownership offers many freedoms of it’s own. Here are 4 of our favorites.

When you are ready to get started on the path to home ownership, our experienced Lyons Loan Officers are here to help guide you.

1.The Freedom To Adopt 4-Legged Friends

When you are apartment hunting with your pet, you quickly realize not every apartment allows pets, and if they do there are often size limitations. Many places that do allow pets often require extra deposits or fees. When you own your own house, your home can be open to your furry friends. Kitten? Puppy? Bunny?  The possibilities are (almost) endless.

2. The Freedom to DIY & Express Yourself

You already know you need to get approval from your landlord before making changes or upgrades to a rental, but even if your request gets approved, do you want to invest money and time into a place you don’t own? When you own your home you can customize kitchen hardware, add on a deck, improve light fixtures, replace flooring, install a waterfall shower or whatever your heart desires.  And all of that money and work is invested into your property. Go ahead paint your bedroom Tarnatino Red or Violet Indulgence (both real paint colors, by the way) without fear of having it paint it back to white when your lease it up.  You could finally make all your Pinterest board and home design dreams come true.

3. The Freedom to Host your Friends

According to a recent study, the size of studio apartments has shrunk by nearly 18% since 2006, to an average of about 500 square feet and the trend is continuing. Having your own home usually means that you get more space for less money over time.  Having more square footage means you can host more dinner parties, baby showers, football drafts or book clubs. After all, it’s friends and family who really help make your house a home.

4. The Freedom to be Green

When you are a home-owner you have more control over your energy footprint and can choose energy efficient bulbs, appliances, windows, or even solar power. And if you are lucky to have a yard you can start growing your own food.  Growing your own food is environmentally friendly as home grown fruits and vegetables do not require the packaging, storage, and transportation that store bought items do.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a home owner, our Lyons loan officers can help you get started. Email to schedule a free consultation.  Or call 800-448-8101.




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