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Easter Greetings from Lyons

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Warmest greetings to all celebrating Easter!  This festive season is a time of re-birth and great joy to people all around the world.  We celebrate new beginnings and look forward to the many good things to come.

Many traditions associated with time of year have become a part of our American way of life. Although these customs may differ,  welcoming the spring season draws all our communities together to celebrate and renew our commitment to our shared goals for a brighter future.

This season  is a special time of hope, when our spirits are filled and lifted. From our Lyons families to yours, Happy Easter and we wish everyone celebrating—a very joyful holiday! Kalo Pasxa!

Nicos Tziazas

President of Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc.

George Sophocleous

Chairman of Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc.

Edith O’ Donnell

CEO of Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc.


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