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Parenting and Home Life with Psychologist Dr. Jane Chan: Part II


Catch up on the first part of the interview here!

How are you seeing parents juggle increased responsibilities with their children?  I would imagine that a lot of parents are feeling like makeshift teachers in addition to already having to clean, cook, and discipline when necessary.

Parenting is the hardest job on earth.  During this time, parenting is exponentially harder since parents are asked to be teachers, short order cooks, counselors, recreational directors and activity planners.  It’s very difficult to do any one of these roles well, much less do them all — everyday and all day.  First and foremost, parents have to focus on their role as a parent.  Try your best with the other roles but focus on being a supportive, loving, encouraging parent because that’s the most important.

When things become too stressful, just stop, walk away and reset.  Let your child’s teacher know the difficulties your student is struggling with.  The teachers will be able to help you through it and better support them.  Try to engage your children in everyday activities.  Have them assist you with household chores by making it exciting or playful, so the household is not only your burden.  It helps children to develop skill sets and responsibility, increasing their self-confidence and sense of self.

How are you advising people to maintain their relationships given the inability to see others on a daily basis?

It’s obviously critical that people maintain human connections.  It’s important that children and parents connect with family and friends through video chatting.  If possible, families can have picnics with social distancing in the driveway with one family at one end of the driveway and the other family is on the opposite end with at least 6 feet apart. One of the most difficult things for children during this pandemic is that they don’t get to see their classmates and friends in school. 


On behalf of everyone at Lyons, we want to thank Jane for not only choosing us as her lender, but taking the time to speak with us.


Dr. Jane Chan is a licensed New York State psychologist.  She received her education at Barnard College, BA; Harvard University, MA; and Columbia University, Ph.D.  She can be reached at


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