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Client Review: Katherine Levonja

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Read what our clients are saying about Lyons Business Development Manager, Katherine Levonja:

Katherine Levonja was a dream come true. We had already met with two other mortgage officers at other companies, who had politely tried to get a loan approved for the house we had fallen in love with for our family. They had made a submission and accepted the rejection results, telling us to try again in a year.

What made Katherine different was how personally she takes her work. She understands that our home meant everything and she did everything possible to find a way to make it happen. She left no stone unturned and worked with us every day for weeks, months, until the very day we signed the papers and moved into our beautiful home. She’s an extraordinary person, who knows her business extremely well, and to whom we owe so much and we couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Alexander & Hillary B.



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