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Podcast: First-time Homebuyer


We are delighted to introduce our first Podcast which will focus on First Time Home-Buying. Our podcasts will be part of series in the coming weeks that will provide helpful information on a variety of mortgage and real estate topics.

In this episode Attorney, Michael Iakovou, talks to Peter Pavlakos, a Residential Underwriter at Lyons Mortgage Services  about First Time Home-Buying.  What are some things that First-Time Homebuyers should know and how can you prepare yourself to apply for your first mortgage.  Learn helpful tips that will help when shopping for a new home. Enjoy and also email us if you have questions & feedback at

Michael Iakovou is the founder of Michael Iakovou and Associates, P.C., a full service law firm located in Long Island City, NY.  Michael considers himself to be both a lawyer and entrepreneur.  Michael’s past experiences as a business owner allow him to think outside the legal box when counseling his clients.  Michael Iakovou and Associates, P.C. is a full service law firm located in Long Island City, NY. More information can be found at