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Leadership Matters

  Here at Lyons Mortgage Services Inc, leadership matters. Great leaders influence a greater new generation. We are so thankful to have Nicos Tziazas as the president of Lyons; his continuing dedication to not only the youth but also the communities he serves continues to strive in excellence. Congratulations to all the honorees from the Queens … Continue reading “Leadership Matters”

6 Homeowner Tips for the Fall

Get your home prepared for the cold months with these 6 tips: Stopping air from seeping in from the windows and doors. The best way to save money on energy bills from the heaters on full blast is to stop any airflow from the outside. This usually happens when windows, doors or even air conditioning … Continue reading “6 Homeowner Tips for the Fall”

6 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Your home will probably be the most expensive and important purchase you ever make. That’s why it helps to prepare and research the home buying process to make sure you do things right from the start. Looking back on my own experience from a few years ago here are some tips I’d recommend to any first-time home buyer: 1) Start saving … Continue reading “6 Tips for First Time Home Buyers”

4 Factors that Help Determine your Home-Buying Power

Deciding to buy a home is a big step. After all, there are many considerations to make. What is the neighborhood location like? Is it a good school district? What is the square footage? Do I want a condo or a co-op? The most important factor is your financial picture. It’s exciting to look at … Continue reading “4 Factors that Help Determine your Home-Buying Power”

4 Simple Factors that can Make or Break your Credit Score

When you are ready to buy a home, your ability to get a mortgage isn’t just restricted by your income or how much you have set aside for your down payment. Your credit score affects your ability to qualify for a loan to buy a new home or to refinance. Understanding how this number is … Continue reading “4 Simple Factors that can Make or Break your Credit Score”

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