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Merry Christmas from Lyons

Christmas is a time to celebrate, a time to sing festive songs, share home-cooked meals and exchange gifts. But the true wonder of the season is the spirit of giving and sharing the blessings we’ve received throughout the year. The holidays are also a time where we celebrate special traditions — and maybe make new traditions in a … Continue reading “Merry Christmas from Lyons”

Happy Thanksgiving from Lyons

On Thanksgiving, like millions of other families across America, everyone at Lyons  will sit down with their loved ones and friends to share a Thanksgiving filled with delicious foods and take stock of what we’re thankful for. This is also a holiday that captures the impulse to give something of ourselves and share our blessings. For … Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving from Lyons”

Lyons President, Nicos Tziazas, honored by The National Herald

Lyons Mortgage Services’ President, Nicos Tziazas, was recently selected by the National Herald for a special feature article which highlighted his extensive community work. As one of the Founders of Lyons Mortgage Services and Lyons Insurance, Nicos Tziazas has worked tirelessly serving the Greek American communities of New York and the Tri-state area for over … Continue reading “Lyons President, Nicos Tziazas, honored by The National Herald”

Merry Christmas from Lyons CEO, Edith O’ Donnell

From everyone at Lyons we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday and hope the season fills your heart and home with many blessings! This is a season for millions of Americans to be together with family, to continue long-held traditions, and to show our gratitude to those we love, as we celebrate the holidays together. … Continue reading “Merry Christmas from Lyons CEO, Edith O’ Donnell”

Podcast: First-time Homebuyer

We are delighted to introduce our first Podcast which will focus on First Time Home-Buying. Our podcasts will be part of series in the coming weeks that will provide helpful information on a variety of mortgage and real estate topics. In this episode Attorney, Michael Iakovou, talks to Peter Pavlakos, a Residential Underwriter at Lyons Mortgage Services  about First Time Home-Buying.  What are some … Continue reading “Podcast: First-time Homebuyer”

Happy Labor Day from Lyons

Labor Day is dedicated to the celebration of the accomplishments of our working men and women.  American workers drive our economy and ensure that the fruits of our labor will benefit generations to come.  Our nation is built on the premise that working hard can lead to success and we are proud of how many of our citizens achieve this goal! … Continue reading “Happy Labor Day from Lyons”

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