Buying a home

Owning a home and getting a mortgage are two of the most crucial and rewarding decisions you will ever make.

Although the process might seem daunting at first, Lyons Loan Experts are there to walk you through the process, step by step.

With realistic goals, expert advice, and careful planning, you can be a home-buyer.

Lyons Mortgage Services, Inc. has a variety of loan programs to suit every need you might have. Low down payments, less than perfect credit, or unique properties no longer prevent you from purchasing a home.

With our specialized loan products, you might even be able to own your home at the same cost as renting. What factors determine your home-buying power? Read more

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Lyons Mortgage Services has created some user-friendly tools and calculators to guide you through the process of becoming a home-owner. Have more questions? Read more here: Frequently Asked Questions

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A home of your own provides you with the flexibility of adapting your living space to your individual tastes and needs. Whether you are ready to raise a family or want to settle down within the community, owning a home is your best option. Read more

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