Todays Rates: Purchase - 30 Year Fixed: 3.125%   APR: 3.216%     15 Year Fixed: 2.500%   APR: 2.601%      30 Year Fixed High Balance: 3.250%   APR: 3.310%      15 Year Fixed High Balance: 2.625%   APR: 2.733%          Refinance - 30 Year Fixed : 3.250%   APR: 3.306%     15 Year Fixed: 2.625%   APR: 2.709%      30 Year Fixed High Balance: 3.375%   APR: 3.416%      15 Year Fixed High Balance: 2.750%   APR: 2.859%


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I was hired with Lyons Mortgage Services about a year ago and quickly learned how close-knit this company actually is. With our underwriters, closing department, and business development team all working in-house, delivering the company's mission is a quick, efficient, and seamless process. Working as a mortgage loan processor has allowed first-hand, the ability to learn and experience from the ground up the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. It opens new doors to varying possibilities in this space. My favorite part about working here at Lyons has to be the family environment that's created, and the sense of pride that is always present. At Lyons you are treated more than just an employee. You are treated as a valued team member where your individual efforts are making a real difference in the community. Aiding the relationships between clients and our Business Development team has been a very rewarding experience, where the standards of every employee are set high, and the outcomes even higher.

Michael Squillante

Mortgage Loan Processor

What is it like to be a Business Development Manager?

Lyons was voted BEST OF THE BORO in Queens, two years in a row. Lyons Mortgage Services is a direct lender, not a broker. We are one of only a few direct lenders and portfolio lenders licensed in NY, NJ, PA, CA and CT. Whether our client requires a low down payment, jumbo financing or a commercial or construction loan, we offer multiple mortgage products and programs to accommodate unique needs in addition to offering standard conforming loans.

We offer many types of Commercial. Residential, Construction and Portfolio loans.

We are active on many Social Media platforms and we maintain an on-going education system to keep our employees and trusted advisors up to date on what is new and what is coming up in digital.

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